Workplace First Aid Courses

Taught by Paramedics

The Manone Academy offers a full range of Workplace First Aid Courses all taught by Paramedics.


Finding the right workplace First Aid training can be a difficult task, our training team at the Manone Academy are on hand to take the pain out of your first aid training. Our paramedic trainers are available anywhere in the UK 7 days a week, we also offer night time courses to ensure we deliver your training at a time and place that suits you.

In order to establish how many first aiders you require in your workplace you can complete a first aid needs assessment, now that the HSE has stepped back from dictating first aid provisions for each workplace the onus is on the employer to have an appropriate workplace first aid provision.

Key Points:

  • The minimum requirement for a workplace first aid provision is a fully stocked first aid kit and an appointed person
  • An appointed person must always be available, so consider provisions for annual leave and sickness.

Workplace First Aid Courses

Why choose Manone?

  1. All of our workplace first aid training is delivered by experienced paramedics
  2. We can deliver any of our courses at your workplace, a cost efficient and convenient solution.
  3. We teach 7 days a week, ensuring you complete your training at a time that suits you

Your place of Ours?

We can deliver all of our workplace first aid courses at your premises or at our academy in the Wirral. Our training team deliver course anywhere in the UK 7 days a week.

Call Our Training Team 0151 352 5387

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