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24 hour Secure transfer services for Mental Health & Forensic Patients UK wide

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Safe, Secure and Dignified Paramedic Led Transport Services for Mental Health patients

Over 16 million people every year in the UK are affected by mental health disorders. Being detained under the mental health act is probably one of the most distressing experiences that can happen to mental health service users affecting people of all ages and all demographics. We have extensive experience in transporting a range of patients with varying degrees of mental illness. We transport adults and children safely, and our services are equally suitable for low and high risk patients. We currently transport patients with learning difficulties or challenging behaviours, as well as degenerative conditions such as dementia which results in aggressive or anxious presentation.

Our Staff

Mental Health transfers can carry inherent risks, we recognise that some of our patients are acutely unwell and often anxious about the journey. All of our staff undergo specific training to ensure we understand the needs of our patient during their journey. We focus on providing a supportive environment for our patients culminating in a safe and comfortable transfer.


Our Vehicles

We have a dedicated fleet of ambulances and cars specifically designed for secure transport services. We provide clinical and non clinical vehicles, marked or covert vehicles all of which are designed to be comfortable and secure for long distance transfers. Our diverse fleet enables us to provide the most appropriate method of transport for each service user.

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