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Your experiences and opinions help shape our service

Patient experience is a crucial part of quality healthcare provision, we recognise that through listening, reporting and acting on our patients’ views, we can respond and implement service changes to reflect their needs. Our Operations team use a range of methods and obtain representative feedback from our different service users. We welcome all feedback, whether it be a compliment, complaint or suggestion.

You can provide feedback about your experience anytime, either by completing the form below or call our contact our office on 0151 558 0999.

Here’s what our Service Users are saying…

Could I just pass on my thanks to the staff who attended and moved [Patient] into a Nursing Home on 11/08/2017. They were very resourceful, capable and pleasant in what was a fairly challenging situation and they provided reassurance and support to the distressed family. I was grateful for their professionalism and care in transporting this very frail gentleman.

Service User

I accompanied an elderly friend of mine today on a home visit from St John’s hospice in Wirral. It was her wish to have an hour at home and needed specialist transport. The 2 ambulance staff were fantastic. They were both fabulous to all of us involved, the 2 staff from the hospice, myself and particularly my friend, from their greeting to their goodbye. Many thanks to them for making the morning more pleasant in what was difficult circumstances.

Service User