Paramedic Degree Pathway

A brand new paramedic degree pathway is here!

The question as to whether paramedics should hold a degree in order to meet the freehold for HCPC registration is widely debated. The College of Paramedics undoubtably support the benchmark of a degree for registration, whilst some people within the industry feels this alienates some clinicians from reaching paramedic registration.

Since embarking on our paramedic project we have worked in partnership with Qualsafe Awards to create a unique pathway for those wishing to become a paramedic. We feel that the vocational route offered by Manone provides a supportive and progressive framework that meets HCPC standards whilst focusing on work based experiential learning rather than academia. That said, we are committed to the evolution of pre-hospital care and as such we recognise the need for our graduates to continue developing once they have registered as a Paramedic. Having gained HCPC approval for our programme in 2016 our training team and the team at Qualsafe have been building support from Universities to provide a paramedic degree pathway for any of our students who wish to gain a degree. We are now working with a number of universities around the UK to confirm their acceptance of our programme, to date we have a paramedic degree pathway with universities in the North West and the North East and we will continue to engage more universities around the country.

If you’d like to find out more about our Paramedic Degree pathway, please contact our training team.