Introducing the Manone Academy

The Manone Academy is live!

The Manone Academy is a centre of excellence for paramedic education, prehospital care courses and workplace first aid training.

Prehospital Education & Training is at the heart of Manone, since our formation in 2013 we have had a clear goal to contribute and enhance paramedic education in the UK. In 2016 Manone gained HCPC approval for our unique QA Diploma in Paramedic Practice this monumental achievement will change the face of paramedic education, opening the door to thousands of people across the UK wishing to achieve their goal of becoming a paramedic.

A fresh approach to Paramedic Education

Our HCPC Approved QA Diploma in Paramedic Practice offers a unique opportunity for anyone wishing to become a paramedic. Our flexible framework has been designed with students in mind, unlike university paramedic programmes our vocational pathway focuses on experiential learning methods. In line with College Of Paramedic guidance graduates from our Paramedic Programme can continue their study with Universities to achieve a Bsc in Paramedic Practice if chosen to do so, we are currently working in partnership with Sunderland University and a number of other Higher Education bodies to add further affiliate programmes.

If you’d like to find out more about our QA Diploma in Paramedic Practice click here.

Prehospital Care Qualifications taught by paramedics

In recent years prehospital care courses have undergone significant changes, with the demise of IHCD programmes we have seen the introduction of the FREC Framework and the Associate Ambulance Practitioner course which have become the benchmark for ‘support’ roles in prehospital care. The Manone Academy is unlike any other training provider in the UK as we are able to offer a number of routes for students, all of which can reach HCPC registration. We are offering both the FREC Framework and the AAP pathway to paramedic registration, we believe this provides maximum flexibility and opportunity for any applicants wishing to study with us.

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