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Paramedic Led, CQC Registered Ambulance Services

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The Right People

Our staff are our greatest asset, we pride ourselves on providing the highest calibre clinicians ensuring we consistently deliver Gold Standard patient care.

The Right Vehicles

We have invested in our fleet, developing bespoke vehicles tailored to our service user needs ensuring we provide comfortable and safe journeys.

The Right Approach

 By choosing Manone as your care provider you will enter in to a productive, efficient and reliable relationship designed to put patients first.

Paramedic Led Emergency, Urgent and Planned Patient Transport Services

Manone Medical Services provide a range of ambulance services, specialising in long distance transfers across the UK and Europe. We operate a fleet of vehicles, including bespoke vehicles designed for specialist services such as Secure Patient Transfer and International Repatriations.

Manone Medical Services is an established and trusted Independent Ambulance Service founded and run by paramedics with decades of experience working in prehospital care. We operate UK wide, providing a 24/7 transport service in partnership with both the NHS and Private Care Providers. Since our formation in 2013, we have forged a reputation as the preferred provider for critical care repatriations and long distance transfers. We have invested substantially in to our vehicles, our staff and our support teams to ensure we deliver an efficient, reliable and safe transport service. Our approach to the services we provide is based on our first hand experience of contemporary healthcare systems such as the NHS. By choosing Manone as your care provider you will enter in to a productive, efficient and reliable relationship designed to put patients first.

We are an approved provider currently on the National Framework for Health & Social Care. We are currently providing transport services for a number of CCGs, NHS Trusts and Private Facilities.


We understand that providing secure, safe transport for patients with mental health issues can be challenging, we work with our clients and patients to ensure that we provide suitable transport appropriate for the individual patient’s needs.

Our professional staff have all undergone dedicated training to ensure we understand the complexities of Mental Health Transfers. We focus on providing a safe, dignified and comfortable journey for all of our patients in our specially adapted vehicles for patients with acute mental health presentations, learning difficulties and co-morbidities. We also regularly provide transport for older patients with dementia and Alzheimers resulting in challenging behaviour.


We are one of the UK’s largest repatriation companies, specialising in land repatriations across Europe. We offer unrivalled logistical and clinical support for anyone requiring transfer by road ambulance. We are experienced in all aspects of planning and delivery of repatriation services, utilising a fleet of dedicated repatriation vehicles. We provide  Paramedic, Doctor and Nurse led medical repatriation teams for land based repatriations across the UK & Europe. Each transfer is tailored to the individual patient needs. Our critical care vehicles are specially equipped to provide monitoring and clinical interventions en route as required. Dependent on the patient condition we are able to provide blue light transfers to ensure the patient is transferred quickly and safely to their new care facility.


Our Non Emergency Patient Transport Services (PTS) are available to anyone wishing to attend a hospital or GP appointment, be transferred or discharged to hospital. We specialise in long distance transfers for patients who are moving between or in to care facilities. Our PTS services support anyone with limited mobility, or those who need support whilst getting to appointments or getting back home following a hospital stay.  Manone provides contracted PTS services as well as ad hock bookings to the NHS, Private Hospitals and Care providers. This service is available to anyone, 24 hours a day anywhere in the UK


We assist with a wide range of journeys, working in partnership with NHS Trusts, Private Care Providers and Individuals across the UK. Our paramedic led services include High Dependency transfers, admissions and discharges, available for ad hock, or contractual services. Our Urgent Care services are specifically designed to ease the pressure on the Emergency Services by assisting GPs with the admission of triaged patients to hospital.

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Booking your ambulance is simple, contact our 24 hour control room:

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